Friday, November 11, 2011

Keep Up, Already!

I have a backlog of cute for you. I've been (once again) working on my patience, and really trying to spend more of my time being truly present in the moment, so I haven't spent as much time on the computer. As with most things, being consciously present in your own life can be both wonderfully rewarding and mind-numbingly exhausting. I adore my amazing child, but I really loathe repeating the same sentence over and over and/or playing the same monotonous 'game' for long periods of time. Unfortunately, that's exactly what she wants to do these days... *sigh*... guess who usually gets their way... yep, the one with the shortest temper who is able to manipulate door knobs - a.k.a. THIS Girl. Just kidding. My fuse isn't as short as it was for a while...

Anywhooooo... Here are some pictures that I want to share, but haven't because there wasn't enough story for a full post.

First, Lily Ruth LOVES to visit daddy at his office. He has cool stuff there, and someone ALWAYS gives her candy. She especially loves to hang out on daddy's lap while he pretends to get some work done :-)

 Second, if your toddler has been 'too quiet' for any amount of time, there is a reason. Pray that it's a fairly innocuous one like... say... using mama's concealer stick on every visible patch of skin on your body - 'Mama! I put some on my NOSE!!!'

The zoo is the perfect showcase for my tiny Drama Queen - 'Elephants are over DERE!' All the world's indeed a stage and we are merely players :-P

 We recently discovered that our Darling LOVES fire trucks, and is thrilled to her core that the firefighters will allow her to 'drive' them.

We also found out that 'Pajamas in the Park' doesn't mean 'everybody wear your pajamas'. It means 'we're the only adults shameless enough to wear our pajamas in public'. Not even Lily Ruth's best friend Henry joined in. He was too busy supporting his favorite college football team.

All in all, we've had some pretty great moments recently. Thanks for sharing them with me :-)

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  1. I can't believe no one joined you for pajamas in the park. I would have, in a heartbeat! :)