Monday, August 22, 2011

Evening Song

Every household has a rhythm. Our evening rhythm is filled with the noises of people dinner and pet dinner followed by dishes and negotiations that usually slip into gleeful cries of 'Yih-yhee-oof get NUDIE swim POOL!!!' mixed with excited barking. Then comes splashing interspersed with more barking and joyous 'I SWIM MAMA! Daddy, you jump IN!'

Once we're all rinsed off and dried off, we snuggle in for a few bartered minutes of t.v. (usually won in the previously mentioned negotiations) accompanied by whispered requests of 'Yih-yhee-oof play your wet hair?'

Then it's my quiet time. A few stolen moments indulging my love of the interwebs while I listen to the muffled sounds of my daughter and my husband giggle their way through their books and their tuck-in ritual... until he walks out and we're serenaded with 'Daddy COME BACK! OPEN THE DOOR, Daddy!'... 'Mama? I can't find my Mama!'... 'Come help me!'


It's all a part of our song. It's a pretty great song, but I could easily do without the screaming...

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