Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Art of Being 2 1/4

I got brave, ya'll. I brought out the liquid watercolors again!

Instead of loading the bingo markers (DISASTER!), I used an ice cube tray to hold the colors and paintbrushes for application. This was MUCH better. I also borrowed from The Artful Parent, and gave Lily Ruth a salt shaker...

The salt 'chases' the color, and adds a cool texture... until it all dries and falls off... whatever. It was big fun! Jean at The Artful Parent uses the salt in a different way (with wonderful results), but my Darling is younger than hers, so we're making it up as we go :-) When she's a little bit bigger, we'll try some of the more structured stuff. Until then...

We just added color and water and salt until we (*ahem* me...) were done.


By the way, check this out ;-)

Bubble stickers as body art! She's had them on all day, and had forgotten about them until just now when she watched me add that photo. Now I have to go - Her Nibs requests my assistance measuring things with the tape measure and moving her body stickers around. Duty calls!

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