Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Almost a Cowgirl

Ya'll, I have everything that I need to start le costume!

I've even started my paper templates!!! After much thought and a discussion with my mama (who has made MANY costumes for me over the years), I decided to use a onesie instead of a button-down shirt or a T-shirt as the base for the top. The onesie is soft, and will stay tucked in to her pants. It will also help keep her pants up since her tiny hips are so dang narrow!

The shirt yoke will be yellow cotton. I bought clear snaps so that the shoulders can be straight across instead of following the shoulder line of the onesie. My plan is to cut a paper pattern for the yoke by tracing straight off the onesie (here is my rough draft).

I'll add a small seam allowance then cut it out of yellow. Add a hem all the way around for nice edges, then red trim for the decoration across the front. Red fabric paint for the scallop along the bottom. I'll actually attach the yoke on the sides and bottom, but the shoulders will have the snaps.

The cuffs will be the same yellow fabric with the design in red paint. The collar will be white felt. I have no idea how I'm going to attach it. Perhaps my mom will have a genius idea... she usually does.

The cow print is for the chaps - those will be tacked onto her jeans with a loose, long stitch that I can easily remove after Halloween. The brown and gold in the bottom right corner are actually specialty scrapbook paper. The brown is suede texture and the gold is a dusky metallic. Those will become her belt.

Crud. I still don't have the white lacing for her hat. They only had HUGE spools of it at JoAnn, so I decided to try Michael's... and I forgot to stop there on the way home :-( My blood sugar must be low.

I'M SO EXCITED! I can't wait to really get started! Can you come over and help me?

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