Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Are YOU Going to Be?

Lily Ruth has made her decision, and it's final. She wants to be Jessie - the cowgirl from Toy Story 3.

We spent some time talking about what a costume is and looking at pictures from last year when she was my little (crying) imp... (notice how miserable all 3 kids are :-P the moms had to step in and hold them just to get one picture!)

Once I felt like she had the concept of what a costume is, I sat her on the floor with a costume catalog to do some serious research. She was intrigued by the fuzzy infant outfits, but as soon as she saw Jessie, she was hooked. Even after perusing the rest of the pages, she remained firm in her decision. She does not want to be an dog or a cat or a dinosaur. She does not want to be a fairy or a princess or a ballerina. She wants to be Jesse. Period.

I looked around a little bit on line, but it seems that all of the Jesse costumes start at size 3T. Well, Lily Ruth is not a 3T yet... soooooooooo... I'm going to make her costume. If I catch even the smallest break, it should be pretty easy. I bought the yellow for her yoke and cuffs, big pearly buttons and the red braid for trim. A friend found the hat - it just needs white accents:

(She loves the hat. It may not make it until Halloween.) So, really all I need is a white shirt and some felt to make 'chaps' with! Easy peasy, right? We'll see.

*sigh* Now I just need to figure out what I can be with the least amount of effort and cash. I'll keep you posted.

Oh - I almost forgot to tell you! Remember the awesome flower throw pillow? Well, I still need to take the plunge and finish the red one, but I also have the stuff to make another one! Should it be turquoise or hot pink?

Oh, AND my twenty year high school reunion is this weekend. If anything outrageous happens... well, I won't post it here ;-)

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