Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doll Shoes: A Tutorial

Let's say that your daughter only had one Barbie-sized doll. Let's also throw in there that said doll had not worn her shoes (because they don't stay on!!!!!!) since she made it in the front door.

Now let's say that since Christmas has come and gone, your daughter now has TEN Barbie-sized dolls. Let's add that FIVE of them have those freaking shoes - and your daughter now wants all of them to wear their shoes.

*sigh* NOW, let's get real and say that this is me. I now have a life full of Disney Princesses:

and Fashionista Barbies:

Well, thank goodness for Fashionista Barbie. Her glitter platform heels are held on with clear rubber bands! In a pattern that is easily duplicated and holds all doll shoes on!!!!

1 - with the shoe on, loop a small elastic band (a.k.a. pony tail holders) around the doll's ankle:
 2- twist the band once and pull it down over the shoe so that the 'x' rests on the top of her foot:

 3 - now that you're under the shoe, twist the band again:

 4 - leaving that 'x' under the shoe, draw the band back up to the top of her foot:

5 - release the elastic - you're done!

Now all of your dolls have shoes that stay on! Well, sort-of. Mama will have to make touch-ups every so often... P.S. Now is a good time to invest $2.50 in a package of hair elastics that match all of your doll shoes ;-)

Then release the dolls back into the wild and go about your business:


  1. That's an awesome tutorial!! I never thought of that. I thought if using super glue

  2. I thought about using super glue too, but for some reason, I can't bring myself to do it. I think part of my reluctance is that as a small girl, it's basically a rite of passage to have to deal with doll shoes - losing, finding, cursing, etc. :-P

  3. I bet I could use this with Star Wars action figures and those dang little blasters.