Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Being Lily Ruth (almost 3)

Being Lily Ruth can be exhausting. Some days, even though you really don't want to take a nap, you just might be enticed to hang out on a pallet on the floor to eat giant gummi butterflies and watch a movie... but you are NOT resting.

Being Lily Ruth can be complicated. You feel all sorts of excitement about spending the weekend at the coast, but when you get to the actual beach, you really really really loathe and despise sand and salt water. Picking up shells is cool. So is running in and out of the waves with your dog - as long as your mama will hold you. Being Lily Ruth means that your favorite part of the coast is walking out on a quarter-mile long pier and pretending that it's a boat that you are driving. You give mama and daddy tickets and yell 'Ahoy, Matey' a lot.

Being Lily Ruth means sending mixed signals. You can tell mama that you want to help her with your Fiesta shoebox float, but all you're really going to to is help with the glue at first then wander off with each element of the design after mama finishes it. You're really happy with the end result, though, and your Fiesta party at school is big fun... until you get overwhelmed and need a quiet moment.

Being Lily Ruth means acting wild with paints and teaching your friends to do the same. What's the point of getting paint out if you're not going to cover your whole body? And while you're at it, you might as well give your friends a few pointers on sticking your feet directly into bowls of finger paint - they'll thank you for it!

Being Lily Ruth means learning to be brave and strong and nearly fearless. It means climbing to the top of The Climber by yourself! It means watching the bigger kids carefully then copying their maneuvering techniques. It means being an excellent listener and following directions incredibly well when your mama (who threw out her back and is unable to climb with you) is attempting to explain how to use the wire mesh as toeholds from way down on the ground. It means enjoying your victory with a quiet moment alone at the top.

Being Lily Ruth means learning to ask questions. Real questions - not just an unending stream of 'why'. It means looking at things closely. It means holding everything that you are able to pick up. It means tasting new foods. It means perfecting new phrases. It means slowing down long enough to notice that your pole bean vines are PURPLE.

Being Lily Ruth at almost three years of age is fun. Just ask her - she'll tell you alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll about it.

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  1. I think Lily Ruth is going to be a project manager when she grows up. I love how she would help you at different stages of float building, but only just enough (like she wanted to make sure you were up for the job) and then leave. She is an absolutely perfect almost 3 year old! kitten xx