Sunday, April 1, 2012


I'm obsessed with my garden. Seriously. I wander out there a minimum of 5 times a day to check on it. The crazy part is that at least 2 of those times, something new has happened! Little plants grow SO FAST!

As I suspected they would be, the sprout mix was the first to appear. I've already taught Lily Ruth to pluck and eat a sprout each time we go out there :-O She has pronounced them her 'faf-wit', and even put one in my purse 'for yay-ter'. Almost every thing else we planted has already followed suit. The only non-starter is the lettuce.

Here's a little glimpse:

That's the bean teepee on the left - that sucker sprouted yesterday, and is already 2" tall! The sweet corn is on the right - it will already be time to thin it in a day or so!

We also have a beautiful fungus that sprouts each night. I'm assuming that it arrived in the garden dirt. It shrivels away as soon as the sun hits it, but I enjoy it until then. Here's one spore hiding in the sprout mix:

And here's Keely sneaking back in (Don is completing the fence repair as I type) :-/ I added a pot of basil (foreground) and a pot of pink Cosmos next to Lily Ruth's bean teepee:
Once you start planting, it's really hard to stop. I also cleared out the bed in front of our picture window and threw out a package of 'Fairy Garden' mixed seeds. Lily Ruth is agog at the thought of fairies in our yard! Time to make up a fairy house - maybe something along these lines...

Oh, and we just added a plastic garden flamingo. Once it has a name and a place, I'll introduce you :-P

I'm all worn out from all of this healthy outdoor living. Would you be available to swing by and entertain/feed my family for the next few days? I'd like to catch up on some z's.

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