Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snark Day

I have been perusing Pinterest for Valentine ideas. If you weren't already aware, I adore Valentine's Day. Not so much the actual day, but rather the emphasis on love, acknowledgement of love and the color red. Those things all excite me very much.

Lily Ruth has decided to make Minion cookies and heart-shaped crayons for her classmates. I am working on a pink wreath. I wrapped the Styrofoam form in vividly pink yarn, and have begun cutting hearts out of felt.

I have been debating embroidering Sweetheart-type messages onto said hearts. My dilemma is this: do I 1) stick with traditional stuff like "love you", "you're sweet" and crap like that, 2) go slightly more modern with "you rock", "shine on", "beseme", etc. OR 3) go completely nuts and mimic my favorite Valentine pin with "it's not u, it's me", "bite me", "not bad 4 ur age", "lookin'... o.k."? :-P

I know what Kittyn would pick. That cat is sassy. I know that not everybody would get the joke, and I don't want to offend anyone just to tickle my own funny bone... perhaps I'll go slightly modern for the wreath, and make the snarky hearts as gifts for those who will appreciate them. That sounds like the right thing to do.

Maybe while I'm at it, I can hand emboss business cards with bitchy sayings that I can hand out when strangers piss me off. No one would expect that. I could be out of there before their brain deciphers the fancy font and registers the insult. I think that I might really be on to something here. "Your attitude stinks, and your shoes offend me." "That was uncalled for - you should suck it." "Life's too short to waste any more of it near you."

Ahhhhhhhhhh, Wednesday. How I have missed the freedom of being childless for just long enough to get a few chores done then start some trouble!

p.s. I tried to embed my pins here for your enjoyment, but they've changed stuff since the last time I did that, and I can't figure it out :-/

p.p.s. I decided to leave the hearts unadorned. I like it :-)


  1. I definitely need some business cards like that!!

  2. When I figure out how to make it happen, I'll add them to my etsy store ;-)