Monday, January 6, 2014

Where Have You BEEN!?

WOW! I haven't published since July!? My poor, lonely blog. Just as I felt like I was really finding my voice, too! Well, I meant to publish all kinds of things. I even composed numerous posts in my head as I fell asleep at night... but, um, stuff got in the way. Stuff like THIS:

I absolutely cannot believe that 8 whole months have passed since the birth of Alec D. The time has simultaneously flown and dragged by. As a family, we have weathered extreme stress and experienced great joy. The act of getting us all through each day clothed, fed and relatively unscathed has left me a bit depleted. I was also sans laptop, and our desktop is ancient, unwieldy and in a terrible location, so I was unmotivated to sit and compose posts even though I have plenty to say.

I fully intend to tell you all about Lily Ruth and ballet class. I have so much to say about Alec the Titan. I opened an Etsy store. We even have a new dog!

But in the way of most new years, I am starting this one with a bit of resolution. I want to feed my family in a more organized manner. No more running to the store every day or freaking out after 5 o'clock when the store run hasn't been done and both kids are so tired that they are losing their minds. Plenty of people in this great wide world manage to keep this stuff organized. This is not beyond my grasp.

So here is my menu plan for this week. The main dish recipes (aside from the stuffed shells - which I make up as I go) are on my Pinterest boards :-)

Monday:  Spicy turkey burgers with oven fries and broccoli & cauliflower
Tuesday:  Stuffed Shells
Wednesday:  Chicken and mushroom farro risotto and asparagus
Thursday:  Philly cheesesteak green peppers and quinoa
Friday:  Family steak night
Saturday:  - I dunno. What are YOU having? -
Sunday:  - crapshoot. possibly nothing -

And I will leave you with this tidbit: Lily Ruth was sitting at the table with her great-grandparents and a veterinarian kit. Writing furiously and talking on her "phone", she wrapped up her business then turned to Grandmother. "When do you want to bring your dog in for his appointment?" Ruth replies "how about tomorrow at 3." Lily Ruth consults her paperwork and states firmly "it will have to be today. Tomorrow is my day off."


  1. Priceless! I am happy you are writing again! Yesterday Matt P said to me, "Hey, Mom. You remember about two weeks ago when I was playing on your phone?" (um, no, but I am unclear on what happened this morning). "Sure, baby, what's up?" "I think Aunt Rachel might have called. Um, actually, I'm really sure she called. Sorry." Guess I'll be dialing in ASAP.

  2. Sure, sure. Just keep ignoring me, Pity... I'll ramp it up full-blown crazy in NO time!!! :-P