Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Swim Lessons

We finished our two week course of swim lessons :-( I feel like we need more time! Lily's new pool skills are incredible. In two weeks, she went from never having had her head fully under water to flinging herself off the side of the pool on command:

and being thrown through the air into the water (full disclosure - this is Sidney, not Lily Ruth):

She can also retrieve objects deep underwater (with a little push):

and swim from one adult to another (with a little push):

It has been an amazing experience. I watched my fearful, freaked out child become a water baby. Not only does she enjoy Miss Diana, but she'll 'swim' to pretty much anybody! Add in the gorgeous setting and the good friends, and you get one happy Mama Rachel :-) She loves the pool now! It's so much fun to watch her light up and enjoy herself. We're going to take two weeks off from class, then return for the September sessions. I can't stay away - or out of the water - it's too much fun!

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