Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Day, Bad Night

So, after my frantic 'Tough Morning' post, Lily Ruth did fine at Parent's Day Out in the big kid room. They even took pictures of her playing with toys and taking a nap on a mat to show me how awesome she was. Ya'll, she has never in her whole life slept on a mat with other people around. She even had a blanket wrapped around her tiny self - another first! She blows me away every day.

I picked her up, and we went to swim lessons at Miss Diana's house. It was a tough lesson because only two babies were there. This means that we worked at least twice as hard as usual since there was so much more room in the pool and we had more of Diana's attention. We were both worn out but smiling when we were done. I am so glad that she's enjoying this! We went home and played and colored and nursed and talked. Eventually, Daddy made it home and we had our evening ritual of jammies, quiet time, rocking, then bed. Whew.

Daddy and I retired not too long after that. Daddy passed out from exhaustion and Mama read her book. Baby Lily Ruth slept until 11:30 and then woke up crying loudly. She normally whimpers a bit, but this was emphatic. I went in to get her, and the instant the door opened, she said 'ca-T' and started looking into the corners of the room and babbling. It made me wonder if she has started dreaming. If so, what in the world was she dreaming about? We visited quietly while I changed her diaper, then we got in Mama and Daddy's bed to nurse. She had a really hard time falling back to sleep. There was lots of tossing and turning and two nursing sessions before she was able to settle in. Our usual routine at this point is to nurse every hour or two. This is not ideal, but it seems to be the way that we all get the most sleep. Last night was an 'every 30 minutes' night, and Mama was almost as frustrated as Lily Ruth at our inability to rest comfortably. We settled in to nurse AGAIN around 4. Since she was on my left, there was a pillow between her and the edge of the bed... do you see where this is going?...

I would swear that one second she was latched on, and the next she was gone. Daddy swears that he somehow woke up and saw the whole thing, but he concedes that he might have imagined that after the fact. What probably happened is that I was much more asleep than I thought and she unlatched, threw herself dramatically across the pillow, overbalanced and flipped off the bed. All we know for sure is that she landed face down and oddly calm. Maybe she was asleep too, and stayed limp. There was no blood and very little crying. She needed to nurse immediately, but was able to let Daddy cuddle her (he was FREAKED OUT) very soon after. We all managed to get back to sleep eventually.

This morning has been a bit tender-hearted. Lily Ruth tries to be her usual silly self, but quickly deteriorates into a crying, tantrum-y mess. I can't help but wonder how much her head/face hurts and how freaked out she might still be. We've been to Starbucks, Daddy's office and Gabby B's. None of those were truly successful outings, but none were truly awful either... I guess I should count my blessings a bit more carefully today. My baby is intact. My sanity is strained but intact. My pool is marginal but improving. Things could really be so much worse, and they are not. *sigh*

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