Friday, August 13, 2010

From the Darkest Depths of My Brain

Here are some things that have recently run through my addled mind...

"If I had a Twitter account, I would Tweet things like 'I just pooped out half my body weight' since the Library of Congress records every Tweet."

"I wish I had more drag queens in my life."

"I wish I still had that corset..."

... that's from a high school production of 'Hedda Gabbler' - that's me on the right. I hadn't seen that picture in 20 years, and my first thought is that I miss the costume. I guess we can all figure out my motivation for being involved in the theatre...


Here are some phrases that I've actually SAID recently... in front of/to other people...

"That must have been one sweet-ass teddy bear picnic." - to Kittyn's hubby

"I am sooooooooo tired of all of this SNOT." - at Macy's... loudly :-/

"Do NOT grab Mommy's nipples when you get to her!!!" - swim class... also very loudly :-O


Oh, and remember how I've been thinking about body image and not wanting to model an unhealthy body image for Lily Ruth? Well, I had to go get a new bathing suit today. The awesome pair of boy-shorts that I've been wearing for the last 7 or 8 years have finally started to get a bit thin in the seat. Since we're spending more pool time with the baby, I decided to replace them before there was a public incident involving my naked rear end. I went to Macy's and looked around. There were NO boy shorts :-( so I started looking at the little skirted bottoms. I finally found a pair that matched a top in my size, AND IT WASN'T AWFUL. I looked into the mirror and thought 'alright then. That'll do just fine.' My tummy, my hips, my buns... all a but jigglier than I would prefer, but I'm not twenty any more. I was able to look at myself and honor who I am in this space. I'm a Mama. I'm a 37-year-old. I'm in the process of shedding 15 years of emotional baggage that has translated itself into (a LOT of) extra weight. For where I am in my life, I look pretty damn good! I'm not a kid, I'm not a model, I'm a real, not skinny person. IN A TWO PIECE BATHING SUIT - VOLUNTARILY :-)!!!!!

*** EDIT *** well, here I am...


  1. Hurray for Lily having a grounded sensational Mom!

  2. You look gorgeous, Rachel! And that's an adorable swimsuit. And if you tweeted, I would so follow you! That kinda stuff is exactly what twitter's for! Hope we can get together while I'm in SA!