Saturday, December 18, 2010

wait, WHAT?!

Daddy Don & I were watching SNL and relaxing (with wine) after a GREAT night with family. I saw some random fast food chain commercial and (randomly) commented that I would LOVE some fried cheese right now. Don replied 'it's like a search party from your toe'. Ummmmmm 'WHAT?!' I guess that he's more asleep than I thought. I asked him to repeat then explain himself. He repeated 'search party... from your TOE...' then he got defensive... then he started snoring. Good times :-P

My bed is currently a LOT like this, except that it's night..., and 16 months after this pic was taken... and both Lily Ruth and her daddy are snoring LOUDLY due to weather conditions...

*Edit* Ummmmmmm, TMWU (Too Much Wine Update) - Ya'll, I heard a cat yelling... so I ran to the back door make sure that it wasn't Bing... in only a tank top and my undies... AND MY IN-LAWS ARE IN THE GUEST ROOM!... where is my damn filter?... Oooooh, are those ginger snaps? Yes, I GOT COOKIES after I realized my situation and BEFORE I went back to my room... and yet Bing really WAS outside yelling to be let in because it is bitterly cold outside... so my instincts are good... ish...

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