Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beaded Outdoor Mobile

Yep, totally have crafting fever again. I wandered into JoAnn today, and wandered out with the supplies to make THIS:

A beaded mobile for Lily Ruth's Hideaway!!! I used a package of plastic beads, a spool of 20 gauge hot pink copper wire, a pair of pliers, some hemp string and a pre-cut wooden spiral shape.

This is not truly a tutorial, because it's too easy for that. Rather, I shall lightly brag about how I spent my afternoon in a semi-explanatory fashion...

First, I added wire to each bead:

That took the most time. I tried to keep the shapes fairly free-form, but made sure that both ends of every bead had a loop for connecting.

Then I used a small nail to punch 5 holes in my spiral - 4 evenly spaced around the edges and one in the middle. I put a short piece of wire through each hole, and made loops on each side. The loop on the top holds the string, the loop on the underside connects to the beads:

After that, I just had to force my brain to allow for some randomness. I just stood underneath the spiral and made chains:

I love it so much that it may have to live indoors. Wait, maybe I should just make more chains and hang them in the doorways like bead curtains! :-P

Happy Wednesday, friends! Gotta dash.


  1. Love this! So many great posts and pictures lately, Rachel! I am living my spring fever vicariously through you! xoxo