Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dress Success!

SOOOOO excited! I went over to The Homestead (my Grandparents & Parents house) and nabbed GM's sewing machine. Mine is acting up and I didn't have the patience to even look at the manual - so sad.

At any rate, I was all set to begin turning t-shirts into baby girl dresses! Of course, in order to begin sewing, I had to have my hands free, so I had to wait for Lily Ruth's nap time. She was down and talking quietly to herself and her toys, and occasionally kicking her heels. Then the heel kicking and the baby noises got louder, so I crept in to investigate. This is what I found...

hilarious, no?

Well, once we got that sorted, I cut the top off my Depeche Mode baby doll t-shirt, removed the sleeves, sewed a casing across the top edges, and VOILA! Baby dress! Thanks Samster Mommy! She's so stinkin' cute that I had to take too many pictures and put them up here

Next on the cutting floor is the Cindreleaf tanktop - actually, I already cut it, I just have to do the (minimal) stitching... yet here I sit eating brownies and watching t.v. - typical Rachel... maybe I really will get up and finish it tonight, but I wouldn't hold your breath...

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  1. That dress is so awesome - I want one - for me, not Maddie! Puh-Leaze!!!