Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, I thought that I wanted to have a blog, but it's not turning out the way that I had envisioned. Looking at my posts, I tend to tell you banal, incomplete stories of my day and I keep forgetting to post the (few) funny or interesting things that happen. Here are a few that I remembered recently.

While attempting to bake, clean, finish laundry and pack all at the same time for our Houston trip, I ended up on the floor playing with Lily Ruth. We were making noises and laughing and I scooped her up to play 'airplane'. Well, factors like t-shirt neckline, bra cup cut, length of baby's legs, angle of baby hold, etc. all combined to create a Perfect Storm. Lily kicked me in the boob, and I was hit in the eye with my own milk. I was confused then stunned... then I couldn't stop laughing. I guess it's only fair - Lily gets hit in the eye all time with milk...

During the lead-up to Thanksgiving dinner, we were sitting in the living room discussing movies with Don's parents. His mother announces 'I want to see Dirty Old Men'. The room goes silent. Several beats later, my darling husband says 'Mom, do you mean Old Dogs?' The answer is yes, yet I can't help but wonder how Freudian that slip was...

Since we forgot to take the pack'n'play with us to Houston, Lily had to sleep on the bed with us and without us. For her nap on Friday, Don went to (as he put it) 'make her a pillow fort' to keep her from rolling off the bed or banging her noggin against the bed frame. I muttered something about her Fortress of Solitude. My keen-eared husband heard me, and replied 'more like Fortress of Soli-toot'. He's right - she's been RIDICULOUSLY gassy :-P

Lily Ruth now says 'mama'! Of course, she only says it when she's crying, so I know it's not meant for me, but she has figured out that saying 'ah-muhm', 'ma-ma-ma-ma' or 'ma-ha-ha-mom' while sobbing will bring me running. Clever girl!

Oh, this is a picture of Lily and her Daddy. They are playing 'One... two... THREE - Waaaaaay up in the AIR'! It's Lily's favorite game. Or at least it was until she saw the Christmas tree! Check out how looooooong her legs are!

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