Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coooooler Weather!

Well, relatively speaking... It has actually been nice and cool when we wake up, but it STILL works it's way up to blisteringly hot by nap time.


Lily Ruth and I are still swimming at Miss Diana's most days, but our days of salt water bliss are numbered. She has already had to heat her pool once due to rain and low ambient temperatures for a few days in a row. This signals the end of swim lesson season. There will be one more two-week cycle, then no more :-( Our own pool was delightfully algae-free for those same cool days, but is now flaring up in response to the warmer temps. We just can't seem to get ahead this year!


Sweet Lily Ruth has been feeling giddily adventurous what with all this change, and has taken to running full-tilt at life. This has resulted in her first, second, and possibly third round of skinned knees. They aren't that bad, but she CANNOT seem to ignore them. Left in her carseat, she will pick at the tiny scabs unendingly. Thank goodness for baby legwarmers! My obsession is finally paying off. I can cover her knees with them which stops both the skinning and the picking.


Ya'll, the cutest thing in the world has happened! Lily Ruth's hair is long enough for pigtails *squeeeee*


The 'I can do it MYSELF' phase continues (big surprise).

This is how most of my walks go... except I don't usually have Daddy's help so I juggle stroller, dog, coffee and walking baby all by myself. This means that (once again) I am working on my patience. The weather makes me eager to get outside with my daughter, but I guess that I imagined it more on MY terms. I had visions of striding forcefully along and really feeling my body move again. I could see my thighs slimming down as my buns lifted and my strength returned. I saw me, but not us, because what actually happens is a bit different.

In actuality, our walk begins with me reigning in a dog who is trying to drag us down the street. Then we settle in a bit, and hit our stride. Then we make it to Starbucks, and the battle begins in earnest. Lily Ruth and I negotiate our entrance - does she want to walk or be carried? Does she want a juice or a yogurt? Does she want to help Mama stir? Does she want to sit in a chair or walk around? Now it's time to go - do you want to help Mama with the doggie, or sit in your stroller? Well, now you HAVE to sit in your stroller because we have to cross a busy street. I'm sorry that it makes you mad enough to kick, but I am REALLY tired of the mess created by flying juice/coffee/snacks.

Once we get to a less traveled street, my angel asks to get out of her stroller and walk. Well, not just walk but push the stroller, scold the dog, step on every crunchy leaf, pick up tiny rocks and interesting sticks, walk with one foot on the verge AND shake her head emphatically 'NO' any time I ask if I can pick her up or if she'd like to ride in the stroller again. It takes forever to get 5 feet. I try to remind myself that she is my job and we don't have anywhere to be but here. That doesn't help. I get bored, frustrated and irritated. Then I calm down, and we continue... at a snail's pace... and I get hot... and the dog starts to pull again... and I end up forcing a screaming baby into her stroller - apologizing to her as she flails and cries giant tears. Then we race home in tense silence broken only by tiny sobs or frantic protestations (if I try to sing or cajole a smile). *le sigh*

Does she have my number or what?!


Ya'll know it's not all tantrums and misery, right? It's not. It's really, really not. It's just easier to whine than rejoice. Let's balance it out!

There's taking rides on Grandpa's  ('PA!') office chair:

There's nights out at the Botanical Gardens:

There's angelic light while visiting with friends:

Lots of good stuff... oh, did I tell you that I'm thinking of making a String Cheese costume for Lily Ruth?  I am. Thinking about it. We'll see...

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