Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I mentioned in my last post that Daddy Don has to have a 'procedure'. It's true. He does. He's having a Cardiac Catheterization tomorrow morning. This is his second catheterization. The first one was done more as a baseline test, and was done several years ago. Daddy Don has a family history that involves serious heart trouble, so he sees an Intervention Cardiologist - a doctor who proactively meets with, examines and treats him instead of waiting until he has a cardiac incident.

This procedure is not a baseline. It is being performed because the doctor was not happy with Don's EKG and stress test results.

I have been a mess of anxiety since we found out about this last Friday. I hold it together pretty well on the surface (I think), but I have moments of pure panic (what will they find? what if the procedure goes badly? etc...). In an attempt to keep myself calm, I went to the Mayo Clinic website to read about Cardiac Catheterization. Um, now I am FREAKING OUT. I have too much detailed information in my head, and I have a VERY vivid imagination.

So now I'm blogging about my freak out and watching Elmo with Lily Ruth. Elmo is not helping. Lily Ruth is, though. There have been multiple times since her conception that the actuality of having a child either gestating in your body or in need of your constant care has kept me going. This is one of those times. It's impossible to go completely off the rails when somebody this awesome needs you. You keep it together even though you might rather crawl into a bottle of vodka... which would accomplish nothing...

Oi. Pray for me, people. I'm gonna need the Big Guy's ear for a bit.

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