Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why I Don't Get Anything Done

Here was my list for today:

1. Drop Lily Ruth off at Parent's Day Out
2. Go to Central Market for the 'specialty items'
3. Go to regular HEB for the regular stuff
4. Finish my blog post on kid food
5. Make a few more Halloween felt toys
6. Dump the yucky stuff from the fridge and do the dishes

Here's what I've done:

1. Drop Lily Ruth off at Parent's Day Out
2. Go to Central Market for the 'specialty items'
3. Stare at my truly awe inspiring pile of felt and haphazardly sketch a few 'bats' that look more like butterflies
4. Google 'Halloween bat stencils' and gaze dispiritedly at the results
5. Scroll through Baby Center and post on a couple of threads
6. Talk on the phone for 45 minutes
7. Scrounge through the guest room looking for the manual for my broken phone
8. Find the manual then decide to rearrange the mountain of clutter in the guest room (BTW, mountain is not an exaggeration. If anything, it is too kind.)
9. Spend over an hour hauling paper bags of books into new positions and sadly pawing through numerous boxes of JUNK MAIL before deciding that it all needs to be truly sorted before throwing it out.
10. Sit on the couch sneezing from the dust stirred up by the rearrangement process and blog about NOT finishing my previous blog post while gazing glassy-eyed at Logo TV.

Here, have a gander at Lily Ruth telling me how silly she is. It's only 27 seconds long (because my crummy old phone only records for 27 seconds at a time), so you'll be in and out in no time:

That's the best I can manage for now. I have to go pretend like I'm gonna to clean the kitchen. In reality, I'm probably gonna hunt down some chocolate then take a bath and read a book.

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  1. I am impressed by people who have that much on their to-do-list in the first place! :-P And yes, that sounds about how my days go. Yesterday: I'm going to practice cello...right after I finish this card game. And then that episode. And then ordering a tree online. And then surfind Halloween costumes online. And now I'm in another spider solitaire game. And....oh, time to cook dinner!

    Thanks for your kind words. Really.