Friday, July 1, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Friday

I should n-e-v-e-r buy white towels.

I need new towels.


Maybe the reason 'our' (I use the quotes because I have done nothing for weeks) garden is so happy is that we're a strange combination of well intentioned, benignly neglectful and blissfully ignorant yet learning.

Our little bed is beautifully, hilariously, lushly overblown.

The rows are too close together (TOTALLY my fault). You have to hop in and out to harvest.

The squash have all literally left the building - they've abandoned the bed where their center stalks have been infested with Boring Beetles, and have re-established themselves outside the confines of the bed and are thriving.

The watermelon vines are out of control. A tendril (or 3) have grown up onto the bean trellis and a solitary melon hangs pendulously breast-like off one side.


If pregnancy is so beautiful, why am I bloated, pimply and moody? Nobody thinks bloated, pimply and moody is beautiful.


My daughter turned two and decided that she's a social butterfly. People that have been waiting to talk to her for a full year are delighted to be the recipients of her attention. Now, if only she would decide that the time for temper tantrums has passed :-P

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