Monday, March 19, 2012

Garden, Round 2

You may or may not remember (or care) that I made a limp-wristed stab at 'gardening' last spring. In short, my mom did the lion's share of work, and I fell apart and was unable to help. Well, here's hoping that I learned a few things vicariously, because this year, we're going to try it on our own.

My husband is an Idea Guy. He is forever coming up with ideas. They range from dinner plans to vacation plans. The only things that they all have in common is that they all come from a place of good intention, and they all very rarely come to fruition because he is so busy and/or tired all of the time that he forgets about them almost as soon as he says it out loud. I have learned over the years not to pin any sort of hope to these ideas until we have spoken of them several times. This is why I was completely unprepared yesterday when he started actually preparing our yard and looking up plans for raised garden beds on the internet.

I'll tell you what, I'm riding this train of garden momentum. I'm going to take him up on it, and follow through. So far, we have seeds and a plan:

That's right - a four foot BEAN TEEPEE that she can crawl into!!!! With PURPLE BEANS!!!
We also have a lot of cut lumber and 1 partially finished bed. That's a lot for one day!

He found instructions for raised beds on a blog called Anything Pretty,  and my dad offered up as much salvaged wood as we need. Don is loving the fact that we're using reclaimed wood. Not only is it saving us money (witch we can now use on more supplies), but we're recycling AND it looks cool! :-P

I found instructions for prepping the beds once they're in place on my mom's friend's blog - Diane's Texas Garden. Now we just have to finish construction, have dirt delivered (!!!), make the soil rich and gorgeous (we should all be so lucky) and THEN it will be time to plant! It's all very exciting, and a teensy bit daunting. The amount of planting that I have planned will be a lot of work.

I'm just so excited about Lily Ruth watching food grow! Not only is it an amazing process, but it's also a good way to foster healthy eating (and curb picky eating)... as an added bonus, it will surely create a plethora of cute photo opportunities. For instance, a gardener in training must dress for success:

 Also, you need a lot of things in order to garden. A kitty, sunglasses, a popsicle...

Oh yeah, the 'grass' that she's standing on is the location of our future garden. Wish us luck - we're gonna need it!

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  1. Yay for gardens! Love the bean teepee!