Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We're Finished!

I don't know if we're just on a roll, or if we spent too much money to back out, but we actually completed something as a couple and THE GARDEN IS DONE! There was no fighting, no crankiness, and no whining - and that's just the adults!

Lily Ruth was a champ for the entire weekend as well. She basically looked after herself for two days. We left the doors and windows open (except for the front door), and she happily cycled between watching movies, playing in various rooms and wandering out to check on our progress with very little intervention from us.

I got the seeds planted and mulched Monday morning, and we spent yesterday afternoon doing whatever Lily Ruth wanted as a reward for her amazing self-guided behavior through the whole process. It turns out that what she really wanted was to ride the Brackenridge Park train while eating gummi bears, then have a short visit to the zoo. Completely within our reach :-P

SO! Everything is planted. The bed configuration changed as we actually got them into the space, and I decided against the Thai chilis (I didn't start them as seedlings, so there's a big chance that they wouldn't grow), so here is the revised garden plan:
It's not terribly exciting to look at yet - just a lot of reclaimed wood and dirt...

Just a reminder - we didn't make this stuff up on our own! The instructions for building the beds came from Anything Pretty, and the how-to on getting the soil ready to plant came from Diane's Texas Garden. If we succeed, we will owe them both a debt of deep gratitude!

I made garden markers from wine corks today (googled garden markers diy, and it was one of the first ideas):

Now I just need to buy a new package of bamboo skewers so that I can stick 'em in the beds! Lily Ruth and I also took the markers outside and drew on the front of 'her' bed. My plan is to make that thing so fancy that she starts begging the beans to grow faster. For now, we labeled it 'Lily Ruth's Hideout', and drew flowers and spiders on it.

I have too many ideas in my head! This happens almost every time that I get creative. I end up trying to do way too many projects at one time (remember December?), then I burn out for a while. Right now, I want to make 2 outdoor mobiles - one with wine corks and one with wire and glass beads. Or I could turn off my brain and take my daughter to the library... That's what I'll do. I'm tired of The Runaway Pancake...

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