Saturday, March 17, 2012

Viruses, Bacteria and Travel - Oh MY!

how long has it been since we spoke? A week? Three weeks? A year?Just two weeks? Well, that's better than I thought. As usual, life has continued around here. NOT as usual, things have been a bit hectic. Alright, FINE - hectic is our usual, but this was even MORE hectic.

I started out by working (don't fall over in shock) at the spa for two days IN A ROW. By the time I was done, I was absolutely beat, and I had (unbeknownst to me at the time) contracted pink eye. For any of you not acquainted with the bacterial awfulness that is Conjunctivitis, bravo to you. For those with intimate knowledge, my deepest sympathies. The rest of the series of events is best summarized by a time line like those seen on police dramas (my favorite? Castle. LOTS of dry erase time lines plus Nathan Fillion). I'll draw one for you:

To sum up:
1) We visited my step-dad and his wife out at their ranch-ita. Had a wonderful time. Great visiting, great playing and giggling, cows (!), step-dad borrowed a patient horse for us to ride (!!!!!) - all around great.

2) PINK EYE!!!! Miserable. Scratch on my eye - miserable. Finding out that I'm allergic to hydrocodone in the process - also miserable.

3) I made a Starbucks-style cup and donut out of felt! Tutorial to follow... I also accidentally dropped the cup in my mama's yard, and it spent the night getting wet.

I made a new one, and it was EVEN BETTER.

4) Lily Ruth has new rain boots and my hopelessly urban kid who refuses to walk through tall grass is newly in love with jumping into puddles!

5) My baby caught Hand Foot and Mouth again. Way to sneak up on us, Coxsackievirus. Well played. Last year's case was mild. This year's case was NOT. Diaper rash, mouth ulcers and lots of tears.

She refuses to take medicine, and was refusing to eat, drink or speak because her mouth hurt so much. It was awful. When she caved and started drinking, we were able to sneak in some Tylenol and it made her more comfortable. She still has a few mouth ulcers, but is improving daily.

6) Even with her virus, she was so distraught about missing her trip to see her grandparents that I ignored my better judgement and packed her into the car. I don't really want to talk about most of the rest of the trip. Thank goodness for wonderful husbands and delightful long-time friends. I will break my silence long enough to tell you about the butterfly exhibit - Amazing. I loved it. Lily Ruth was freaked out that there were literally butterflies everywhere - it was just too much for her. She would try to be a good sport and pose for a picture, but then another butterfly would flit past and she would shriek and flinch. *sigh* Parenting means that you occasionally sprint when you would rather saunter or even stop...

oh, and 7) My friend loved my essay! I finished editing it today, and it will either be published next week or in the middle of next month. I'll let you know when and where as details become available!!!

Kisses and hugs to you all - unless you're not a toucher. If you're not a toucher, then air kisses and waves!

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