Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Plodding Along

Sometimes, life is just happening. While there are moments of joy in every day, there's just so much other junk in the way. It's been harder to showcase the joyful parts and easier to allow all of it to gather dust instead.

That may be the easy way to go, but it's also the sad way. Time to celebrate some tiny moments :-)

In all of the mental madness surrounding Labor Day weekend, I forgot to tell you how great it was! We had 4 generations all together - a feat in and of itself. We did exactly what we set out to do. We all ate, drank, visited, played games, read, and splintered off when needed for quiet time. Lily Ruth had all four of her grandparents and 2 of her great grandparents. She dazzled every last one of them. I took ZERO pictures, but I think that some were taken by others...

Lily Ruth added a new dance move to her repertoire over the long weekend as well! In addition to the bounce, the head shake, the twirl and the wiggle, she now has the 'Don't Fence Me In'. We were sitting outside listening to music, and Bing Crosby came on singing about land lots of land under starry skies above. Lily begins her normal dance routine. The chorus comes along, and the Andrews Sisters chime in, and Lily Ruth begins to sway from foot to foot and wave her right arm in an emphatic 'don't do it' motion - all done TO THE BEAT! It was hilarious. Now every time she hears that song (and you had better believe that we play it ALL of the time now!), she does the same thing. I love it! I've tried to catch it on video, but she is camera-shy these days. Every time that I bring out the camera, she turns away from me and stops what she was doing :-(


It has happened. We have entered the phase known as 'I Can DO IT By Myself'. This is expected to end roughly around... never. While this is occasionally embarrassingly inconvenient in public and sometimes hilarious in private, it is amazing to witness. She is a ball of determination. Wait, scratch that - she is a ball of plastique just waiting for a detonator. Not being an explosives expert, I have no idea what is going to set her off until it is too late. Last week, we had to leave the grocery store empty-handed because Lily Ruth is not tall enough to reach the grocery cart handles while standing on the floor. True story.

Here she is in a 'ready to blow' moment. This was captured because she dug the camera out of my purse and demanded to have it turned on and used. Notice the stubborn set to her jaw and irritated cast of her eyes:

good times :-P


We just keep offering new foods, and Lily Ruth keeps surprising me with her enthusiasm! Recently, she has VERY much enjoyed salmon, shrimp, dove and hot Italian sausage. We still have days where all solid food is eschewed, but when she does deign to eat, the quantities that she consumes are astounding!

Speaking of eating, her grandparents feed her pasta out of their hands :-)

- the wine is not hers :-P


We've been swimming at Miss Diana's again. We just can't stay out of the water! Lily Ruth has progressed even more. She can swim 4-5 feet all on her own. She can 'swim to the wall' then hold on to the side until directed to come back to me. She's learning to float on her back - a tough one since 14 month olds HATE floating on their backs :-)

We were waiting for the baby class to start the other day, and the light was gorgeous in the pool house. We spent some quality nude time with a piece of red string that was scavenged off of the floor:


My sweet baby is learning to rough-house. She and Daddy danced themselves silly to ABBA, then 'wrassled' on the floor. We were all in stitches:


They're there. The little moments. You just have to pay attention.

Things are slowly returning to normal. I'll feel more like posting again soon - I just know it.

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