Sunday, June 5, 2011


SO, I loved Haiku Wednesday, and apparently, so did my mom. She didn't post her replies directly here, but I'm taking the liberty of adding them as they trickle in :-P

Today, she found a marauder in our garden. A Squash Boring Beetle (gak.) - they bore into the core of the plant and it d-i-e-s :-( Here is what she sent to me:

red and black villain
boring beetle looking fancy
now sucks squash no more

Ya'll, I snorted when I read that. Pure genius.

Since my world is still on fire, I don't have a lot to add... bye... :-)

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  1. on finishing the laundry (mostly), which hasn't been done since January:

    piled high and deep
    musty sweaty limp unclean
    order restored, fresh