Friday, June 3, 2011

*le sigh*

Ya'll my life has kind of exploded this week. Unless Lily Ruth does something AMAZINGly noteworthy (and face it, we all know that she will), I'll be taking a bit of a break from sharing every moment of my life on a public forum. If anybody wants to guest post something (PLEASE, somebody say yes!)... perhaps a funny story or a craft or a recipe... I'd love to open up le blog to you!

You can contact me at aintelmosworld(at)yahoo(dot)com or leave a me a comment with some info :-)

For now, I leave you with a video of the World's Most Amazing Lily Ruth singing (what else) 'Mama Mia' (note: she was singing full-bore on her own before I pulled out the camera. Once she saw it, she clammed up and I started coaching her. I absolutely adore how she yells 'MY, MY... MISS YOU... BROKEN HEARTED!' right before it cuts off.):

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