Monday, June 27, 2011


06/02/11 - 4 weeks
In the midst of my entire life exploding into metaphorical flames, I perform a home pregnancy test. POSITIVE!!! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy! Oh. Huh.

I call the midwife practice in a fit of optimism, and due to my recent losses they want to see me sooner than their regular 10-12 week window. My first appointment will be in just over a week!

06/05/11 - 4 weeks 3 days
I act like the obsessive compulsive that I am and perform yet another test. The 'pregnant' line shows up before the control line - just like it  did with Lily Ruth!

Top test - 4 weeks / Bottom test - 4w 3d... pregnant people do crazy stuff... like taking pictures of things that we've peed on...
I'm ridiculously bloated. I can't bear to have shorts or pants press against any part of my abdomen. I've also had several days of near constant aching and twinges, yet I'm not worried about them. They feel normal.

06/08/11 - 4 weeks 6 days
Had my first (last?!) bout of nausea yesterday. We took Lily Ruth out around 4:30, and it was so hot that I thought I was going to either die or throw up. I didn't do either, but I was nauseated until almost 8. Ugh. Still bloated. Still cramping. Still fine with it. :-)

06/09/10 - 5 weeks!!!
I told my husband that I thought the bloating was better today. He said 'Oh.' That's it. Just 'oh'. That means I'm delusional - the bloating is the same... :-P

06/13/11 - 5 weeks 4 days
The evening nausea is now a 'thing' :-/ If I have to leave the house around 5 pm, it's worse because the heat sets it off. If I stay in, it's set off by attempts to plan and/or prepare dinner. Thanks, Baby :-P

06/14/11 - 5 weeks 5 days
Had our first appointment today! The midwives and their assistants AND their support staff are wonderful. Since it's so early in my pregnancy, all they did was a urine test (totally pregnant) and take blood for blood work. My next appointment (with ultrasound!!!) is July 19 (10w 5d) :-)

We've unofficially decided to tell folks over Lily Ruth's birthday weekend. I'll be just over 7 weeks - past my personal freak-out period, so YAY!

06/18/11 - 6 weeks 2 days
I bought flannel and satin to make a baby blanket! I am suffering from a bit of guilt since I didn't make anything for Lily Ruth until the leg warmer juggernaut started... but she turned out just fine... and I'm feeling ambitious :-)

I'm also changing my mind about names. We had our boy name from last time, and Don found a new girl name, but now I don't know... the girl name can stay, but boy name...

06/21/11 - 6 weeks 5 days
My blood work came back. Everything looks good except for my progesterone.  I actually spoke to my midwife about progesterone at my appointment. Some of my on-line reading suggested that low progesterone might be to blame for multiple losses, therefore progesterone supplementation might be indicated. The midwife said that all of the emerging research shows that progesterone supplementation might not make a difference. In fact, it's not clear if low progesterone levels cause multiple losses or if they are a sign of multiple losses.

But while it is not clear if supplementation helps, it doesn't seem to do any damage. So since my level was so low, she'd be happy to offer the supplement, but she didn't feel that it was necessary. I dithered back and forth all day about weather or not to supplement. I called a friend who I lovingly refer to as 'Mrs. Science'. I googled obsessively. I asked my mom for help from her librarian at work. I played phone tag with my midwife all afternoon. As the day finally ends, I decided to let nature take it's course. At this point, it's so early that if my own body isn't ready to support a healthy pregnancy on it's own, then it might be a really bad idea to force the issue.

06/24/11 - 7 weeks 1 day
We shared the news with Don's parents today! Rolling right along!

06/26/11 - 7 weeks 3 days
Now, to tell the whole entire internet...


  1. SQUEEEEEEEE! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This totally made me beam :-D I'm so glad you've found a care provider you trust! Hoping this is your sticky baby and 'uth is a big sister in 7 months! :-D