Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wait, What?

Lily Ruth and I were nose to nose. It was nap time, but we were having a snuggle first. I whispered 'I love, love, love you Lily Ruth. Mama loves you sooooo much.' My darling daughter replied 'You're welcome, Mommy.'


Lily Ruth has definitely started to dream. This morning she sat straight up and said 'NO Keely! Is MY dinosaur!' then started to cry. I asked her what was wrong, and she said 'No Keely take Yih-yee Uth dinosaur. Is MY dinosaur!' It took her 2 or 3 minutes to shake off the dream and wake up.

Poor Keely. She's never taken any of Lily's toys, but today she's getting the Old Stink Eye from a highly suspicious toddler :-P


If Lily Ruth doesn't like what you have to say... or maybe didn't hear you... or if she's trying to buy some time while she concocts an answer... she cocks her cute little head to the side and says 'HUH?'


Little Miss Wild Hair has been on a 'NO CHONGOS!' (pigtails) kick. She'll submit to a de-tangling comb-through, but has preferred to let her hair flow free. My own hair is longer than it has been in years. While I'm enjoying the change, it takes FOREVER to dry so I've been a bit creative lately when attempting to avoid the tedious process of washing and styling my mop. I have re-awakened some of my long-shelved favorite styles - some of which are probably not age appropriate. Like the two French braids I was rocking the other morning. Lily Ruth was enthralled. It was just like when my hair is wet. Every time she saw me, she'd plug her thumb into her mouth and her free hand would creep toward my hair. If she couldn't reach my head, she would coyly ask 'Uth touch Mama hair?'.

I finally asked her if she wanted me to braid her hair like mine. 'YES!' In no time, she had two of the cutest, sloppiest braids this side of the Pecos - rivaled only by my own. She cautiously put a hand to the back of her head to explore her 'do. A pleased smile crept across her face. She looked up at me and said 'Uth touch Mama hair?'

There's just no pleasing some people :-P

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