Wednesday, December 2, 2009

first and second

I have two topics today. ONE: I am a backslider. TWO: I love baby leg warmers.

First - I HATE CRYING IT OUT. We are using 'Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child' by Dr Marc Weissbluth to help Lily Ruth sleep better. It actually works. Truly. BUT, the most effective of his options is to let the child 'cry it out' until they fall asleep. While his point is very valid - if you allow the child to cry for 30 (or more!) minutes, and then they sleep, then they will have taken a nap that they would have missed had you not let them cry - but I am the one that has to listen to my daughter cry. Not Dr Weissbluth, not my husband, not you, just me. And I hate it. I would much rather hold her and love on her, but I don't because I understand that sleep is essential for her health and development... well, I don't USUALLY go in and get her, but I have been doing just that A LOT this week. I can't stand it any more! AND - as I previously mentioned, she now says 'Mama' when she cries, so it's even harder on me. So I feel like a failure, and her naps are all over the place, but I'm trying to attribute that to her teething (SHE GOT HER SECOND TOOTH!). I was doing so good! I just had to harden my heart every single time that she went down for a nap... but now, I am a broken shell of that woman, and I go in to rock an coo and soothe almost every time she cries. I am so very disappointed in myself... and this is one of the other reasons I hate CIO - she looks so very sad even though I took this 10 minutes or so after I caved and let her up...

all of this caving on my part will have repercussions. And because she's so young, it will be SOON and it will be loud. I'll have to re-harden my heart :-(

... but that picture segways nicely into topic #2 - BABY LEG WARMERS!

Here's how it got so bad:
- I saw a pair at Target, and that prompted me to go to the web site (you should go too - it's here)
- I ordered 3 pair
- I was given a link from a Baby Center 'friend' to a blog tutorial on how to make them (not only is a link to said blog here, but that particular craft jump-started my current burst of creativity, a girl crush on the author, and my desire to blog on my own)
- I bought 5 pairs of knee socks at Target and went for it
- I ordered 3 more pair on sale off the website (they have been on back order for 3 weeks, but supposedly shipped Friday!)
- Don bought 3 pairs of socks while on a shopping excursion for dura-flame logs (???)
- I went NUTS at Target Monday and bought SEVEN MORE pairs of socks
... for those who hate math, that's TWENTY ONE pairs of baby leg warmers. Lily Ruth doesn't even have 21 onesies or outfits! So, for those who love a visual, she's wearing the first 3 pair in her Facebook photos. The next 5 are on my first blog post. The other three that I ordered are still 'in the mail'. Here are the rest...

Don's 3:

The pair she has on today (plus my toes :-P):

The other 6 pair:

The grey pair closer up - yes, that's a lavender ruffle!:

My favorite model in my favorite pair!!!

she's all set for her holiday music video shoot! Also, I tried that pair on my arms tonight - I may wear them myself...

To sum up -1) I'm a loving mother who feels bad about herself today and 2) I LOVE BABY LEG WARMERS!

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