Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We hit some new milestones this weekend! All are good, but some wrench at my heart.

First, this wasn't really the weekend, but on Thursday, I let Lily gnaw on an apple slice. Due to her extreme enjoyment and cunning use of teeth, I had to sweep her mouth out every few seconds with my finger least she choke on the bits she broke off. She cried when I took it away! Next time, we'll use the mesh feeder.

Then, on Friday and Saturday, Lily Ruth had her first prolonged exposure to her maternal grandparents and great-grandparents. Oh sure, they've seen her before - lots of times - but she's been new and asleep or cranky or on her way to bed or just asleep. My parents watched her for the evening last Friday, but since they spent the entire time trying to get her back to sleep, it doesn't really count. This weekend, Lily and I went out of town with them, and she got to do AAAAAALL of her tricks for Nanny, Grandpa Doug and The Great Ones. And perform, she did! What a ham. On Friday night, she even stayed up an additional HOUR after we bedded down for the night showing Nanny how funny she is. Note was taken. Saturday she continued her performances with a post-breakfast matinee of Yoga poses, scooting, raspberries and grinning maniacally. It was a lot of fun to watch her recognize and interact with them.

Here they are... all bundled up SINCE THE HEAT WAS OUT WHEN WE GOT THERE!!!

... not to worry - we slept cozily in front of the fire... and hit another milestone - baby saline in Lily Ruth's almost completely clogged nostrils - at 1 am in a very cold bathroom. No fun :-( but she took it like a champ!

So I forgot to tell you that Lily does yoga now! Oh yeah - she TOTALLY has Downward Dog mastered... and Child's Pose... and any other ones that mimic things babies do... :-P

Saturday also saw the social launch of Lily Ruth. We went to a gathering in the afternoon where she was one of 3 baby girls. Lily Ruth is in LOVE with social interaction. She got to scoot around on the floor, glance coyly at new people, and stare open-mouthed at these 'other babies'... she was not convinced that she shouldn't be allowed to poke drool-y fingers into their mouths and/or eyes... We eventually tore her away and went home. Then, after a short nap to recoup, we ventured to an evening party. Lily Ruth, by now an old hand at this socializing thing, was like a duck in water. She smiled and babbled and did her scooting tricks. Oh BOY was that fun! We stayed way too late, but Daddy was having fun, and Lily loved trying to win over Max. He's 2 and is convinced that Lily's only goal in life is to steal his parent's affection from him. She tried her hardest, but Max wouldn't crack... and he wouldn't let her snuggle with him which she found to be very disappointing. In her experience, people can't say no to her :-P

here she is being the life of the party... that's Max's Dada holding her... further proof (to Max) of her evil plot...

and here is Max showing me how AWESOME he is!

Sunday, we had to lower the crib mattress! That's the one that killed me. She's growing so fast! It seems like yesterday that we brought her home! She looked so tiny in the crib then, and she slept soooo still. Now she flops around like a landed fish, and when she pushed onto all fours, her eyes were above the rail! Daddy panicked and raced for the tool box. I clasped my hands and teared up like a leaky faucet. Lily Ruth grinned and launched herself at her Sophie giraffe.

Whew! Well, we had fun, but the weather and the lack of sleep are catching up with us :-( I feel crummy, and Lily is congested and has GREEN nose and eye boogers for the first time in her life. We are a sad pair. Luckily for us, we like to snuggle and nap, so we're just gonna take it easy and rest up for LILY RUTH'S FIRST CHRISTMAS!

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