Sunday, December 13, 2009

oooooooooh - Christmas Stockings!!!

I MADE CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS!!!!! And I am going to share the experience with you in the form of (ta-DA) My First Tutorial!

If you can't tell, I'm a little bit proud of myself. Allow me to explain. I own a sewing machine, I took Home Ec in middle school, and I like to make things - these are the only qualifications that I have as a crafter. Oh, I would also like to add that I have a fairly logical and visual brain... and ZERO patience.

I wanted to decorate a stocking for Lily Ruth's first Christmas... and my own stocking was the victim of a vicious raccoon attack a few years back (don't ask). Don has three surviving stockings from his childhood, so I wasn't planning on making him one, but then I thought about it, and decided to make us all matching stockings - you know, 'cause we're a family and all. My original plan was to purchase plain pre-made stockings and decorate them. Well apparently if you are a 'crafter', you start things way in advance... like October I guess... but if you are me, you wait until after Thanksgiving to even start looking, and by then (oddly enough) the Christmas decorations are all picked over, and you can either take something you don't want or (da-da-da-DUH) make it yourself. I wasn't in the mood to settle, so starting from scratch it was!

I believe that I have previously mentioned my lack of patience and the fact that this lack extends to patterns. So here's how it went:

I started with one yard of felt (for 3 stockings) folded in half so that it is two layers, and one of Don's existing stockings as a template. You could draw out your own template if needed, but that seems like a hassle to me...

Outline the template onto the double layer of felt - I used a disappearing fabric marker.

Then cut around the outline leaving 1/4" of fabric all the way around your line. Sew the two pieces together along the marker line - leaving the top open - and cut notches into the curves so that it will lay nicely when turned right side out (I TOLD you that I took Home Ec!) - but don't turn it yet!

Now, here's the only vaguely tricky part - the cuff. I made mine out of the same felt, but I'm betting that you could use faux fur (FUN!), but I'm also betting that it would be harder to work with... Cut a (double layer) piece that is the same width as the stocking opening plus 1/2" (1/4" allowance for either side) and 3 1/2" high. Run a seam down each side (leaving 1/4" on each side), then iron the seams of the cuff open and iron down a 1/4" hem around one end (it doesn't matter which end at this point). With felt, I didn't need to pin it which was a HUGE advantage for me. Next, stitch down the center of the tiny hem.

Iron open the top of the seams of the stocking (about 2" down). Cut a tiny strip of felt for the loop to hang the stocking (approx. 3" X 1/2" - just eyeball it :-P) and fold it in half. Pin the cuff to the stocking with the seams lined up and open - tuck the loop into the 'heel' side between the two seams with it's ends aligned with the top of the stocking. The loop will be hidden until the stocking is turned and the cuff is folded down. Stitch around the top of the cuff leaving a 1/4" allowance.

Turn the stocking right side out, turn down the cuff, iron everything flat, and HEY PRESTO, you've made your very own (rudimentary - nothing fancy...) stocking!

Now, I just have to decide how to decorate them! I am going to put our names on the cuff... somehow... and my mom found this picture for me (it's from

I'm going to try something like it in brighter colors for Lily Ruth's stocking. I am (however) stuck as to what I should do for Don & I... any ideas, Gentle Reader?

Oh, I almost forgot to add gratuitous photos of myself and my family... here are Don & I taking pictures of ourselves in the car last night after the one and only holiday party we're going to this season...

and here is my gorgeous daughter in her new favorite car seat pose...

oh, and here are Lily Ruth and I on our walk with my Mama today...

I guess that's all for tonight! I have 2 recipes for you, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow. Dulce Suenos!


  1. How neat! I need to learn how to use a sewing machine. I only hand sew currently and make Barbie dresses. I want to make clothes and such. I also want to get into knitting and crocheting.

  2. I do not want to knit or crochet - I don't know why not... I just don't. Aimee, if you get it figured out, please make me something pretty. Thanks.

    As for the sewing machine - as I stated, I learned to use it in middle school, and I'm guessing that I'm not a sewing savant, so it may really be as easy as I think it is. Granted, I can't make anything complicated like sleeves or zippers or buttons, but maybe I'll take a class... or get someone else to do that stuff for me...