Thursday, January 21, 2010


Lily Ruth may have said her first word!!!!!!

A little background - her doorway-hanging jumper came with a flat, green, apple-shaped toy that is supposed to hang on the jumper strap. Well, it took her approximately .02 seconds to remove it from the strap and insert it into her mouth, and it has remained a favorite toy ever since.

Today, she was gnawing on it at every opportunity, so it seemed like every time that I picked her up, I was mentioning the apple (i.e.: 'is that your apple?', 'oh, Lily LOVES her apple' or 'drop the apple, Lady'). Then she freaked out when I ate my lunch, so I put an apple slice into her mesh feeder, and this led to (what else) more apple talk.

Then Daddy came home, and she was (once again) playing with the apple. He scooped her up and asked her - what else - about her apple. That's when HAND TO GOD she said 'Apple'. We both freaked. He asked her again, and she mumbled something about 'ah-poo', and clammed up tighter than a doorway seal on an airplane. Then she had a baby meltdown and had to go to bed, so we couldn't ask her again...

We've decided that she really DID say it. As unlikely as it may sound. Most kids go for repeating consonants (ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba). Ours goes for apple. Genius. We're not even surprised.

I have some ah. door. ah. ble. pictures from today, but I'm too comfy to go get the camera, so you're going to have to make do with this bit from yesterday's walk...

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