Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear So & So...

Dear So and So...

ahhhh.... it's 'Dear So and So...' day over at Three Bedroom Bungalow again! I had so much fun last time! Let's join in again - shall we?

Dear Jeans:

What's with the muffin top? Seriously. I thought we were in love... I guess you had other plans... Maybe a 'heads up' next time?

Confusedly Yours,
Bitter in Bootcut


Dear LUSH,

I love you. Please marry me. I'll cook, and you can keep me looking and smelling my (softest) best. I know we're different, but we can make it work.

Yours in Bath Time Joy,
Lily Ruth's Mama


Dear Baby Daughter,

Your new teeth are cracking me up. I also find the majority of your antics to be hilarious. Keep up the good work.

Adoringly yours,


Dear Central Market Organic Truffles,

Knock it off. You are waaaaaaay too delicious. This is ridiculously unfair to my jeans.


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  1. I am sorry but I have to give you a big AWWWWW over your daughter. Entirely too cute.