Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear So & So... take 3

Dear So and So...

YAY! I LOVE 'Dear So & So' day!!!!


Dear Kat,

Happy Birthday! Thanks for writing a fun, audience-participation-welcome blog!

Your Biggest Fan on This Blog,


Dear Lily Ruth,

I am so sorry that you cried through the entire 4 hours that I left you at Parent's Day Out today. Unfortunately (for you), I will be dropping you off again next week as well. I promise that this is a very good thing for both of us. Sobbing in your sleep while you nap is not going to change my mind.

I love you dearly,


Dear Dogger-Doo,

I would like to apologize to your digestive tract for changing wet food on you without warning. That being said, I DO feel that your tummy owes ME an apology for the NOXIOUS cloud of dog-gas that has wafted through our home like clockwork every hour for the past few days.

Food Lady


Dear Frank,

Please get well soon. I really hate it when you guys get sick - it makes me feel like a bad Mommy... even when I didn't do anything wrong. Just tell the vet that you are ready to come home.

I miss you already!


Dear Girl Scout Cookies,

You know what you did. Enough said.

Stay out of my freezer,



  1. Those first few days at a new place are always rough for the kids and the moms! I hope your daughter enjoys it more this week.

    And I can only laugh at the Girl Scout cookies. Too funny!

  2. Day 2 done and done - Lily is a star (and so is her mama)! My dog must be channeling your dog because her gas is wicked! Matt and I almost got out of bed last night and left her to it! Happy Friday!