Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Frozen Day Randomness

Since we are 'stuck inside' - what with the likelihood of crazy drivers who assume that the possibility of ice = kamikaze behavior and all - and Lily Ruth's plans do not really include me so much as they include her toys and my slippers... I have to show you something, and then (in order to apologize for my shameless child photo posting) I'll tell you a story...

It's only about 4" tall, and I can't stop gazing adoringly at it... and, um, Lily Ruth thinks it's nose is a nipple... :-/ Have you ever seen anything so cute? Well, except (of course) for this:

And now, for the story! This is one of my favorite stories of my time in San Diego, and thinking about it made me smile, so YAY!

Kittyn & I were working in managerial & supervisory positions at a restaurant on Harbor Island in San Diego. To clarify, I was the opening manager 5 f-ing days each week in addition to my 2 other full-time positions for that joint... A nice enough place, but both of us were SEVERELY overworked, ridiculously under-appreciated, and under-compensated for said workload. The only thing that kept us going was our growing bond of friendship, flavored coffees, and the need for income in a very expensive town.

Bright and early one morning, I happened to mention to my new BFF that the owners of the restaurant had recently acquired several top-shelf vodkas for a new promotion. This was news to her, and seeing as how she would be working with me for the next few mornings, she would be unable to participate in the training / tasting sessions that would take place for the evening shifts. Then it occurs to us that we need to be able to describe said vodkas to the morning staff should they become interested in selling them to the lunch crowd... I may have also mentioned that we used to have pre-shift wine tastings at the Time Machine, and this was very helpful to me as a waitstaff member... I probably failed to mention that the Machine was a dinner-only restaurant, so pre-shift was 4pm...

Well, before you can say 'Bob's your uncle', we're at the bar shaking up 4 or 5 chilled shots of high-end vodka for each of us. I am unclear on who had what job, but Kittyn maintains that I was the shaker, and she was the 'lookout'. Well, regardless, whichever one of us was supposed to be watching for the restaurant owners (a.k.a. 'CatDog'), became so enthralled by these icy glasses of magic, that she FORGOT to be the lookout. And so it came to pass that the owners wander in to find their a.m. managerial staff pouring up a goodly amount of pricey, icy vodka into shot glasses at 7 in the morning. We start talking circles around our predicament, and managed to irritate them into retreating into their office to 'do paperwork' - whatever.

The vodka was consumed, but the magic was gone. We were left with the dirty feeling of a sneaky early morning drink without a Vegas soundtrack to justify it. At least we got to keep our jobs... ahhhhhhhh, good times!

You know, the CatDog was at lot better tempered than we gave it credit for... they even let us keep our jobs after the incident where we were sitting at their desks wearing their glasses & doing impressions of them... where do we get these damn ideas?

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