Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Lily Ruth and I are having so much fun with food!

We go to the Farmer's Market every week and pick out fun stuff

We puree and try new foods every few days - check out BLUEBERRIES!

and now there are finger foods as well! OH THE CHOICES! Our freezer stash grows ever larger...

As her world expands, so does her curiosity. She was in her highchair the other day, and after a few bites, she was more interested in the spoon itself and texture of the contents of the bowl than in eating. I almost let myself get frustrated, and then I realized that she just loves food! How great is that? I love food, and I want her to love food and think that food is big fun - so I handed her the spoon and scooted the bowl closer. This was a big step for me. Label the memory of this as 'Control Freak Hands Over Control'. It was humbling... and fun. She had a BALL. Avocado was everywhere. Hands, arms, torso, face, hair, highchair, floor and huge portion of the table :-) Very very little of it made the full journey into her mouth...

It was so much fun that we did it again yesterday. Butternut squash this time, and we stripped down to a diaper!

This is such an amazing time! A whirlwind, but one I am blessed to be a part of. Can you believe that as recently as two years ago I couldn't dream of doing this. I thought babies were for dumb suckers. Wow, well, when you're wrong, you're wrong. I'm not saying that parenthood or stay at home motherhood is for everyone, but it sure is for me. This is the hardest, most exhausting, most rewarding thing that I have ever done. I can't believe that I wanted to take a pass on it. Makes me think... what else have I missed out on because I thought it sounded hard...

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