Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Beautiful One

I started this post an entire month ago but in my Mastitis-induced stupor, I forgot about it. Well, I found it again, and finished it off. Better late than never, right?

Lily Ruth, I wanted to catalog some of your accomplishments to date. Kind of like a baby book, but without the book since I haven't been able to keep up with one... surprise, surprise :-P... So here are some of the things that you can already do at 1 year old!

- you sign 'more', 'eat/food' and 'all done/finished'
- you say 'daa' for Daddy, 'mama', 'tikka' for kitty and tickle, 'go', 'hello', 'okay', 'cat', 'shuh' for shoes, 'cup' and 'hello'
- you're not just walking, you're CLIMBING!

- you can get down off of high furniture by turning around and sliding off feet first
- you take baths by yourself - closely supervised by Mama and in 2 inches of water

- you chase Keely around saying 'ca-T' very loudly and poking her in the face

- you're gentle enough with Bing that he allows you to pet him (but not Frank, he still swats at you)

- you eat lots of different foods all by yourself (including cherries - you don't eat the pit or the stem!)

- you sit on the kitchen floor and play with plastic dishes and utensils while I cook.
- you stir my coffee for me after I add the cream
- you are learning how to throw balls so that you and the doggie can chase them

- you can not just take out, but put small items back into into larger items (i.e.: stacking cups, stuff from my purse)
- you dance whenever I put music on, and sometimes in public

- you clap when people sing, and can even keep a beat if it's slow enough
- you play hide-and-seek with Mama - I hide, you find me :-)
- you sleep in your own bed for naps and most of the night (that's a VERY new and VERY appreciated development)

Every day is an adventure with you, Baby Girl! I can't wait to see what this year brings. Let's find out together, shall we?

This was written for you by your Auntie Robyn on the day that you arrived. I think that it sums it all up so beautifully!

Her appearance marks a day so sweet when
both creators hold her close
and welcome her into a world of awe
both of their own and hers

When two become three
and three become infinite
everything is beautiful.

Auntie Robyn

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