Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mama Moments II

Today we went to the Children's Museum again! We took our friend Henry and his Mama Kerrie. The babies were in sensory overload from the minute we entered. This meant that Henry wanted to be down in the middle of it, and Lily Ruth wanted to be held while she buried her face and adjusted slowly. Instead of exploring the whole museum, the mamas decided to head over to the tiny tot spot where our guys could run and play without fear of being mowed down by an older child. As a bonus, it is MUCH quieter over there than in the main portion of the museum.

Lily Ruth and Henry ran and played for over an hour!

They started to wind down at almost the same time, so we put our shoes back on and headed for the cars. My darling one fell asleep before we hit the main road.

The Dilemma: I am now sitting in my car, in my driveway (with the air conditioning and radio running) while Lily Ruth snoozes in her carseat.

I made a quick dash inside, so now I have my laptop. I also have a book. Folks, this is not something that I would have ever considered doing before becomming a parent. It's just that I have learned the hard way that Lily Ruth does not transfer from sleeping in the car to sleeping in the house. If I move her now, she'll wake up IMMEDIATELY, and the nap will be over. And by over, I mean that she will not sleep again until bedtime.

The Outcome: I sat in the car for 50 minutes until she woke up. At this point in her life - and her sleep training - I would MUCH rather that she sleep than worry about all of the chores that I'm not able to do while we're in the car. Also, who do I think I'm kidding with that talk of chores? I'd just be on the computer or reading a book anyway...


You know how kids LOVE every single thing that you don't want for them to have? Well, as can be expected, Lily Ruth is obsessed with remote controls and cell phones. She is never allowed to play with remotes, but I do give her my phone to hold. I used to let her hold it while I talked (I would put the call on speaker phone), but she figured out how to press buttons, so now she hangs up on everyone and/or creates a conference call.

The Set-up: I was in the kitchen starting dinner. Lily Ruth and my phone were in the back room. Lily was watching Nick Jr. (bad mommy) so that I could wield a knife safely. My phone beeped with a 'new message' tone. I heard Lily Ruth start vocalizing with her 'talking on the phone' voice. I started talking back to her - 'hello', 'who is it?' 'daddy's calling'. She kept talking, so - on a lark -I asked her to bring me the phone.

The Outcome: Seriously, ya'll - SHE BROUGHT THE PHONE TO ME! I almost fell over! She came straight into the kitchen with the phone held to her ear. She was still talking into it. We were negotiating a handover when it beeped again. She thought that was hilarious since she was 'using' it at the time. Coincidence or not, this was one of the funniest things that has happened to us recently!

She just keeps on growing and changing faster than I can type! What a gift to bear witness to this. What a blessing to be mama to this amazing girl.

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