Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dress Up Skirts (Batch Two)

Ya'll, I did it! I made 4 more skirts in time to donate them to Samster Mommy's Tutu Drive!

I learned a lot the first time around. Also, I read another tutorial about little girl dress up skirts, and realized that there was a MUCH easier way to deal with slippery fabrics. I had been fighting with them in a single layer. Naively sliding fabric along my cutting mat and attempting to wrestle it into submission and straight lines as it slid off onto the floor. Well, if you fold and pin it:

your life will be so much easier. Mine was :-)

I decided to make 4 skirts in 4 different sizes. I even made tags for them so that I could tell them apart:

I wrote 'you are loved' on each tag. Have ya'll heard about The Hidden Messages in Water?

This go-round was much faster. I managed to completely finish 2 of them and get the other two to (tutu - heehee!) the 'layers assembled, time to iron down the casing' phase in less than 3 hours. I finished up the last 2 in about 30 to 45 minutes yesterday.

What's that? You want to see close-ups of the trim? Okey dokey:

Oh, and remember how I felt like Lily Ruth's skirts were too long for her tiny body? Well I made adjustments this time. These two skirts have the same length of fabric and the same length of elastic. The only difference is the height of the fabric layers.

Live and learn, right? I'll know for next time... and there WILL be a next time. I have black and orange for a Halloween skirt, and aqua for gift skirts. If you want one, you should let me know :-P

All that's left to do is to mail them off tomorrow! So excited!

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