Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just A Nub

That's what I feel like. A small nub of myself. I am so dragged-out, drop-dead tired that I'm pretty sure Jesus drove my car home and not me.

I just can't seem to get caught up. To make it worse, Parent's Day Out had their Fiesta party today, so I had to be there and participating instead of resting. By the time I got home and settled down, it was too late to nap. Also, PDO is closed on Friday due to the parade. I may never sleep again.

Can you come over and sedate me so that I can shut off my brain and rest? While you're here, would you be a dear and run a couple of loads of laundry through, tidy up the kitchen and occupy my toddler for a few hours while I sleep off whatever delightful narcotic cocktail that you brought over for me? Oh, and please make sure that it's codine-free? I'm allergic. Thanks. You're a Doll.

Lily Ruth likes jewelry, so when you get here, she can probably be bribed with something shiny. She also likes to claim mastery of all electronics, so you might want to lock your cell phone. OOOOH, or you could take her to the zoo. She likes it there...

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