Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

I think that my mom and I might actually get our seeds into the ground today :-P We've been trying to coordinate this for two weeks, but life and extreme heat got in our way. The delay gave me time to get lots of fun seeds:

Cucumbers, heirloom melons (rainbow sherbet and moon & stars), zucchini (black beauty & Burpee's Fordhook), radishes (French breakfast & pink beauty) and patty pan squash. I'm very excited! Perhaps I'll draw a garden map for you once we get it planted...


My old-guy cat has a bit of spark left in him yet...

He cracked Lily Ruth up when we walked out the front door and saw him hanging out in the tree.


I haven't been able to get a picture of my baby girl smiling in FOREVER because she has decided that she hates the camera. I am sooooo thrilled to have this one!!!

Sweet goofy grin, playful glint in her eyes. Love it!


I'm not taking any pictures of it yet, but the pool is on the mend! Daddy Don has been working his patootie off trying to remedy almost 2 years of near-neglect. We will be swimming again soon!

In other swimming news, Miss Diana starts her swim lesson season next week. Lily Ruth needs a brush up on her skills and it's time for her to learn some new ones. Last year it was pool survival skills and learning to love the water. This is the year that she'll actually learn to swim. I won't be in the water with her this year :-( She'll be in the big kid class, and will have to sit on the step and wait her turn - this ought to to be good!

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