Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ooooooh. That Makes Sense.

Ya'll know how all I've been able to talk about is how tired I am? Well, it hasn't gotten any better, and I think I finally figured out why...

I've gotten Miss Lily Ruth to take longer naps, and the new white noise machine seems to make a big positive difference in the quality of her overnight sleep. She seems to be doing much better in general. Her good nature has resurfaced, and she has energy in abundance. This may be why I am still so dang wiped out.

I wake up each morning full of energy and smiles. We start off compatible and agreeable. Then she starts acting her age. She's not being ugly or 'bad', she's just being (almost) 2. It's exhausting. requires 20 times more effort than normal. Nothing can just happen. There's either a discussion, a negotiation or a battle of wills depending on the issue. It takes us a minimum of an hour to get from bed to car. Even if there are no tears (a rare occurrence), there is drama.

Today, we woke up, had breakfast and began to get dressed. I needed to shave my legs. It wasn't open for discussion - it had to happen. I ran a small amount of water in the tub, and double-checked with Little Lil that she had no interest in a bath. I hopped in. She freaked out. She didn't want a bath, but she no longer wished to be wearing her pajamas. I stripped her down, and sent her into her room to 'get dressed'. I shaved so fast that I'm pretty sure there's still soap behind my knees.

While I was in the tub, Lily Ruth made her sartorial choice. She wanted her jacket. That's it. Just her brown zipper hoodie. She wanted it on and zipped. Other clothing was NOT an option. I picked out her outfit, and left the room with it. She sat on the floor (in her jacket) and cried (tearful incident #1).

I went to get dressed and do the bare minimum to my hair and face. She came along and started muttering about wanting to help. What she really wanted to do is sit in my sink and spray water all over the counter. Um, no. Not today, thanks (incident #2).

I finally got her into clothes - with her jacket over them (#3). I had on clothes, too. Amazing. Then we just had to fix her hair (nooooooooooooooooo! no chongos!!! *wild head shaking*), put on shoes and socks and find an acceptable sippy cup - *pant, pant, pant* - and we were out the door.

A quick stop for coffee and juice, and we made it to our friend's house. Lily is enthralled by her friend's baby sister. Today, the baby kicked Mama's coffee onto Lily's arm (#4). It was also all over Lily's shirt, so it had to come off and be replaced (#5). We rejoined our friends, and Lily immediately tripped and whacked her face on the baby's exer-saucer (#6). It was downhill from there. She absolutely could not get control of herself. I put her in time out (just to calm down). She came out for about 30 seconds, then put herself into time out. I waited a minute, then went in and found her still crying. I rocked her and offered her options. All were met with hysterics. She finally began screeching 'NO MAMA NO MAMA NO MAMA NO MAMA', so I put her down, told her that I loved her and walked away. Soon, she (tearfully) appeared and asked to rejoin the group... and immediately freaked out again. We thanked our hosts, and (still crying, yet saying her goodbyes :-/) got into our car. It was only 10:45, and I was so tired that I almost started crying.

Instead, we went to the zoo and found our groove. Fish have healing powers, ya'll. So do hippos, elephants and tiny parakeets that eat nectar out of your hand and perch on your head.

Thank you, zoo. I love you. I may bake you a cake or send you a bottle of wine... probably the wine. May I have a glass?

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