Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Weekend Tidbits

Lily Ruth amazes me. Have I mentioned that yet?

She was playing with Daddy's Fisher Price people and house. I finally convinced her not to peel off the almost 40-year-old paper serving as wallpaper and outside decals - gross. She took a tiny table and another (even tinier) piece over to Keely and placed them in between her front paws. Keely did her usual if-I-don't-look-at-her-maybe-she'll-go-away. Lily maneuvered herself so that she could make eye contact with the dog and said 'You're welcome'. I snorted.


She took Lucy's diaper off and announced 'Lucy diaper change'. Then she wandered off... and came back without the diaper. I found it in the recycling bin... at least it wasn't the (wet, stinky) trash. Lucy has been nude ever since. I'm not sure what the correlation is, but it makes sense to Lily.


She's big on dancing as of oh... always. The new part is that she now stands in front of the cabinet that houses the stereo and forcefully states 'moo-sic, Mama. Dah-sing'. Last night she bolted from her room (whilst nude) during a difficult pajama negotiation and headed for the back room yelling 'dah-sing!!! Dah-sing, Daddy!!!!' It was too cute to argue with. We had a round of nude baby and fully clothed parent dancing.


We went to a neighborhood parade yesterday. We got there early in order to procure primo seats. Our early arrival meant that there was plenty of time to search out dogs to pet. At one point, an (admittedly awesome) dog passed by. Lily Ruth popped up, headed out after the dog and said 'I chase dog' over her shoulder as she ran off down the street.

There was a slight delay in the start of the parade when a historical home on the parade route caught on fire. Calm down - it was a small fire. Lily was VERY excited about the fire trucks. We made several laps up and down the street to investigate. Lily and Daddy spent one of those laps warning folks sitting on the curb that a giant river of water was headed their way. Each lap thereafter was accompanied by Lily Ruth happily crowing 'water's coming!' at each person she passed.

She thinks that parades are just alright. The candy was a pretty good reason to stay, though...


I handed her a tiny juice box as we got into the car this morning. I would have waited, but she saw me try to sneak it into the diaper bag, and announced that she needed it pronto. When we got to the zoo, I found this:

Bangs styled by Apple and Eve (also known as 'Ernie Bert juice'). The bees were particularly happy with her today :-/

It's the little things, right?

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