Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Down...

... with many more to come! :-)

Happy Birthday, my Tiny Lady!

I've been telling you bits and pieces of your birth story for a few days, and each time that I do, you look at me very solemnly, and 'ask' me very serious questions about each part. You are killing me with cute over here! I keep tearing up about how amazing it was when you arrived.

Then I think about how the moments of sheer awe just keep on coming! You get bigger and more agile and more able every day.

This year has FLOWN by.

I started this blog to help keep me sane. I've continued blogging to help me keep track of this time. I plan to keep blogging in the hope that this record will bring you joy through it's moments of silliness, and some insight into me down the road when you need it :-P

I love you, Lily Ruth. What's next, Baby Girl?

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