Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today's Random Tidbits - 5

We had a really great visit in Colorado. My sister-in-law and her family are WONDERFUL, and it had been waaaaaaay too long since we had spent any time with them. That being said, I am not traveling with an infant again unless there is a payoff for me in the form of an awesome activity or a beach. Traveling with Lily Ruth right now is like doing the exact same thing I do every other day, but without use any of my stuff, her stuff or our 'routine' (such as it is). We are both still so tired that it's sad.

I'm very glad that we went. Daddy got a chance to unwind, and it truly was his turn to do so. I'm just glad to be home... and I'm putting my foot down about future trips. No more random traveling. Beach, specific Mama fun, or NO GO. :-)

I am almost sorry that I taught Lily Ruth how to climb stairs. Now she wants to climb EVERYTHING, and her legs are just about long enough for her to be successful :-0

We no longer measure Lily's walking progress in number of steps taken. Now we measure distance! That girl is going strong!

Get ready, Rachel's World - there's about to be some rearranging / organizing / upgrading! Time to make good on my resolution to make this house more functional and fun to be in.

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