Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Official.

I'm exactly as sick as I thought that I was. Either that, or the nice man purporting to be a 'doctor' at the AH 'Doc-in-a-Box' was just humoring me.

Stupid Sinusitis - AGAIN. I had it in January/February (6 weeks, people!!!), and left it untreated because I felt bad about giving 6-month-old Lily Ruth all the antibiotics. I couldn't let it go this time. I feel like hammered dog poop. Every part of my body hurts a LOT*. The 'doctor' (I kid - he seemed very qualified and was exceedingly nice to Lily Ruth and I) didn't want me to breastfeed at all while on my z-pack & inhaled steroid (to make the z-pack more effective), but we compromised on nursing 1/2 of the time. I got the feeling that he thought I should be weaning her already. I stood my ground... for once. I happen to have a donation of milk all ready for the milk bank, so it will just have to stay in-house :-( I will nurse my angel in the overnight half of the day, and use stored milk and the old 'pump & dump' for the daylight half. I am so bummed to have to keep the donation, yet so thrilled to have it on hand. THANK GOODNESS I ran out of energy on Friday, and did not drop it off as planned!

Oh, here's something that freaked me out AND pissed me off - my prescription total was $175 for TWO ITEMS! My dad picked them up for me, and we both wigged out. Now, the clinic gave me a 'gift card' looking thing that will refund around $105 - hopefully - but they did not explain that I had to activate the damn card first, so we had to pony-up up front, and I will - again, hopefully - get the refund tomorrow. After I go through a ridiculous on-line process for a drug I will use for the next 5 days. Have you heard the This American Life report on prescription drugs? No? Click on the link to This American Life over in my side bar, and get yourself some knowledge. Apparently, my co-pay on this sucker will drop to 'as low as $11', but my insurance company will potentially be shelling out HUNDREDS of dollars. No wonder they screw us on everything else that they can... Don't even get me STARTED on the hearing test given to Lily Ruth in the hospital that I thought was mandatory, and we are now being charged almost $300 for!...

Enough for today. I have to do snort steroids into my nose then rescue my husband from baby-rocking purgatory (he's been in there a looooooong time!). I know. You totally wish that you were me.

here's how I feel :-(

*because of Allie over at Hyperbole and a Half (check my 'blogs I follow' window), I cannot type 'a lot' without thinking of her mythical creature called 'ALOT'. She did that on purpose.

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