Sunday, May 23, 2010

*Trumpet Fanfare* Guess What Happened!

This has been a crazy weekend, and you'll just have to wade through it with me before I get to the good stuff :-D

I have been ridiculously sick, yet I have pushed forward instead of lying down. I got WORSE, ya'll! Aren't you supposed to feel better by your third day of antibiotics? Maybe I got the placebo :-/

Lily Ruth joined the fray with world's runniest nose (but no other symptoms). Gross. Just gross.

Our farmer's market trip was cut short by my need to sit down and also blow my nose, but since I feel so crappy, I probably won't be cooking much :-( Oh well, I still managed to get mushrooms, an eggplant, blackberries, peaches and some spiced peach butter for toast... mmmmmmmmmmmmm, toast...

We dive-bombed Old Navy for new attire. Daddy's swimsuits have all had it, and Mama's t-shirts alllllllll have holes rubbed in them from wearing/holding the world's most amazing baby. Then we cruised Carter's for sunsuits and baby p.j.s. Mission accomplished.

We got to visit with Don's good friend and his family. They were in from D.C., and there was pool side fun to be had out there! Lily Ruth was awesome. She laughed, ate, did all of her funniest tricks and played in the pool until her tiny teeth chattered. Then she had a meltdown and we left quickly. Nice timing, Lily Ruth ;-) I swear that I did not pinch her.

Oh yeah - there was this as well - Well, I assumed that my darling daughter would be so pooped from her day of fun that she would be a bit 'lounge-ish' this evening. I could not have been more wrong! She wound up for round two and STARTED WALKING all unassisted and everything! The first two times, Daddy tricked her into it by holding her toy up and away from her. She was so ticked that she just stood up, stepped forward (3 steps each time!!!!!), and took it... while yelling baby obscenities at Daddy... then she caught on and started trying it out all on her own! It was so incredible! At one point, she stood up facing me. I just looked at her and said 'Well, you had better just walk on over here' SO SHE TOOK 5 STEPS :-0 That kid is awesome. She did finally wear herself out. Daddy 'rocked her down' in record time. Fingers crossed that her stuffy nose doesn't wake her up!

Since I was so busy marveling at her, I did not have time for pictures or video, and the damn 'interweb' won't upload my video of her using her highchair as a walker, so we're all out of luck... dammit.

p.s. We have Netflix now, so I may be too busy streaming nonsense directly onto my laptop to ever blog again. We'll see.

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  1. Way to go walking Lily! Rachel, you better rest up, because I have a feeling that once she really gets the hang of it, you are in for alot of exercise (in the form of chasing).