Monday, May 10, 2010

Tiny Kitty Update *edited*

Ya'll, there is still a tiny kitten in my house! I felt certain that his family would be searching high and low for him. I just KNEW that he'd be reunited (and it feels so GOOD) with them by now. Well, they're not, and he isn't. He's asleep on my pillow.

Last night, he woke me up twice to give him a snack and a sip of water. Today, he peed on my leg as I sat on my bed. Tonight, he played 'blanket monster' with Lily Ruth's roving toes as she attempted to nurse herself back to sleep, *EDIT* played 'lion on the savannah' with her HAIR while she slept, and WOKE HER UP TWICE (4 am - up for 2 hours & 8:15 am - up for the day.... no nap yet and it's 2 pm...)!!!! Mama is NOT happy. He is SOOOOOOOOO outta here!

I contacted my two friends who take in every kitten they see. They're each way over their kitten quota. One didn't even giggle when I suggested that there might be a kitten smuggling operation being run out of my folding massage table (without my knowledge), and not to be surprised if her was 'one up' after my next visit to his house. He suggested that I NOT leave an extra cat, but he did schedule a massage.

COME ON Craig's List - pull through for me!

Just to reiterate - I DO NOT HAVE A NEW CAT. I have a foster kitten who will either be reunited with his original family or placed with a new, very loving family (other than us) in the very near future... but check this out :-)

ah. door. ah. ble

dulce sueƱos

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