Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Last night was truly torturous, but today has just been a regular good day. Since I'm trying to ack. cent. u. ate. the positive, what I have is a blurb followed by some fun pictures and even a video!

Lily Ruth's Daddy was out of town for two nights in a row. For a Mama who hasn't slept more than 2 hours consecutively in several weeks, that was just awful. The first night was bad enough - trying to keep an exhausted baby quiet because her grandparents were trying to sleep in the next room was no fun at all - but last night was a true test of my tenuous patience. Lily Ruth was exhausted when we left my parent's house at 8 pm. By 11:00, she was still awake, fighting sleep like a champ, flopping around on the bed and acting like there was no way on God's green earth that she could get comfortable. There was rocking, flopping, flipping, flapping, flailing and pitiful crying. Then she gave up, sat straight up, and began vocalizing as though she and I were in the middle of a lighthearted lunch conversation. I gave her a 'lay down, Boo' so she threw herself down and screamed. It was downhill from there. We finally got to sleep around midnight.

Now for the good part :-)

We woke up, ate nutrigrain waffles then took a nice walk. When we got home, we played with toys for a little while. I decided that I wanted to go out for lunch, so I took a quick bath (Lily spent the whole time trying to get into the tub with me and grabbing for my arms/face/hair as they came near the edge of the tub). Then I started to get ready. Just as I was almost presentable, Lily Ruth tanked and fell asleep. For the first time in a long while, I was able to lay her on my bed (surrounded by a pillow fort), and leave the room. I scrounged enough food from the fridge for lunch, then hung out ALONE until she woke up. Good stuff. Once she woke up, we went for frozen yogurt then cruised Central Market for yummy dinner ideas and ingredients. Not really an interesting day, but a good one.

Here are some of the really fun things that my adorable offspring has been doing recently :-)

Using her high chair as a 'walker'

Wearing her bubbles as a necklace almost constantly - she can even put them on all by herself! Here she is STANDING, wearing her bubbles necklace and playing with her fridge magnet toys! Little Superstar!

She wore one of her new swimsuits to a birthday party

and got her first large dose of artificial coloring. She was OBSESSED with the blue frosting off the cake. She licked the plate!

all of the kids ended up looking like cyanotic crack-heads - little blue fingertips and lips and running around all hopped up on sugar. It was a hoot.

She learned how to say 'no' this weekend, but she's not great with context yet - thank goodness! She has also been saying/singing 'dgwah, dgwah, dgwah' almost non-stop for several days. Apparently, it's an all-purpose phrase. It's hilarious.

So, to sum up: I'm still a zombie, but some of my good humor has returned (along with my husband). I can do this... right?

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